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Electronic Stability Control System

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I have had my Cadenza for a couple of years, and living in Michigan, snowy and icy roads are fairly common. The problem I have been noticing is when I attempt to accelerate from a stop at an intersection that is slippery, I get a lot of wheel spin and my car only moves forward slightly while also sliding a bit. I am sure the cars behind me are frustrated with the slow pace I have crossing through the intersection, but it seems like the stability control system is causing it. Does anyone else drive the Cadenza in snowy conditions? If so, do you turn off the stability control system at intersections or do you always leave it on? Thank you.
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I think the problem you face is when both wheels spin the same speed, which from a stop, that's easy to achieve, TC won't kick right in or at all. I notice that often if I'm on pavement with a layer of sand on it. you get on it from a stop, it will spin for quite some time, gotta just let off the gas. Now if you're rolling already and one wheel slips, that's the TC's bread and butter. It will adjust speed on the faster wheel until they both "get grip" or at least the computer thinks you have grip based on the similar speed of both wheels.

The TC is probably not well designed for icy conditions. That's the case with a lot of FWD cars. Better tires, and some feather on the pedal is probably your only way to solve when you take off in a slippery condition.
It really does boil down to the right tires for extreme conditions.

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