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driver's seat is bouncy/loose

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just over the past 2 weeks or so, my driver's seat has become very bouncy. the tracks are tight to the floor pan. do you think the seat itself is loose from the rails or is this something internally that is broken?

2016 kia with about 44k on it. I've had the car since it was new!

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Something's wrong for sure. If you checked the bolts to the floor pan, it sounds like something has separated from the seat itself. Seems like it is loose from the back, so I'd take a closer look at the bottom of the seat to see if you can identify where it separated from.
My old neighbor who is a mechanic for enterprise car rental thinks maybe the seat bushings might be going bad. This is all based on watching the same video I posted in here.

Does anyone know if our seats have these and whether or not they're serviceable? Does anyone have a part #?

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