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Does Cadenza miss the mark?

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Don't get me wrong, I have a smokey blue Cadenza, This is a really good car But. I think KIA missed the mark on this one, They could have had another Optima. With all the tech equipment, the nice styling, great quality inside materials, A build quality that's to die for(as far as other car companies go). Kia needed a wow factor that seems missing.
No passenger seat AC, no lumbar adjustment, no height adjustment for the better half. The place they could have really beat the other car companies is the gas mileage. Lets have a car with the gas mileage of the Optima as an option. No high output engine for the other crowd?
I love the ride and warm high tech interior but if they had beat everyone on the gas mileage, and passenger comfort, would have been the hit of the year. As is may not make it
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im ok with the gas mileage...but the other stuff would be nice, i also dont think it would bring the cost up to much :)
If you look at the, 2013 K7 Korean spec, Cadenza. most of the other stuff was already on it, they took it off for us, as well as a choice of engines
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