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Compustar / Drone Mobile

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Good evening folks,

I recently installed my Compustar / Drone Mobile system in the Cadenza and it went great!!

Install was pretty straight forward!! I recommend this system to anyone!

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What? Whats that? can you provide some links?
video is a MUST... I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to install this? Does it work with proximity key or do you have to carry both fobs?
It seems doesn't need key but works via app on your smart Phone...but it required service fee - $99 for 3 year basic:

Key Features | Smartphone Control | GPS Tracking |
looks cool, but expensive....
Never got a message of replies on this thread, I can get a video of how it works for sure... You need to have both remotes on you... As the Compustar system overrides the factory during remote start process...

The system installed is anywhere between 500 - 600 installed by a good dealer!

Remote Start and Security | Smartphone Control | GPS Tracking | | Vehicle Remote Start and Security Systems
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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