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Climate control temperature display

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I am considering buying a Cadenza Premium with luxury and tech packages. From what I can tell looking at photos of the interior it does not appear that there is a display showing what the auto climate control temperature is set at other than main nav screen ? If that is the case that display would not show at all when using the nav screen for guidance. This could be annoying. Every car I have owned had a separate digital display on the center stack for both driver and passenger climate settings. Am I missing something ?
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Pressing the climate button will turn the navigation screen in to a screen of just what the climate control is doing, and exactly where air is coming from, it doesn't cancel the navigation going on ,you just can't see it .
You do not have to leave this on, only use it to check what is happening if you want.
Want to see what the temp is set at or change it with out loosing your nav screen. Just touch the red or blue arrow (temp adjustment arrows) on the first touch, temp will not change you have to touch at least once more to change anything. a bar will appear at the top of the nav screen, it is only about 1" wide or less. It will not stay up but will show you temps for both sides of the car along with what is happening. stays for short time you still see the nav screen, you can make changes then it leaves till you want to see what temp is set at again.
hope this helps
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Thanks for the help. I am test driving a Cadenza tomorrow and I will try out what you said. Not sure if I like the idea of having to press a button just to see what I have the temp set at though.
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