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Change Engine Air Filter (Cleaner)

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In my 2014 Cadenza, I have unclicked the air filter cover, yet there is not enough space to take the old one out. I'm trying to simply change the air filter and have done this many times in my old vehicle. I can't figure this out.

How do you all get the cover wide enough to slide out the old filter? Then slide in the new one?

Is there a trick or a clip in the back?

Please help. I called Kia Support and they were no help.

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I'm sure there's a way, remove the tube part of the intake, and it should move easier, but to be honest, I just pry it apart with one hand, slide the old one out, new one in. I just pulled the K&N out this weekend to clean and re-treat it, and I did exactly that. Swap done in seconds, of course cleaning the filter takes forever.
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