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I am new to this forum and was looking for any thread that compared the Chrysler 300 or Dodge Charger to the Cadenza. Not seeing any, I figured I'd start one myself. My previous car to the Cadenza was a base Chrysler 300 leased in 2013.

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Well as a quick comparison, I drove the 300 before purchasing my Cadenza, I drove a charger as a loaner while my Cadenza was in the shop.

I Liked the 300 better than the Cadenza but also took in the factor that the car gauges and a lot of other functions are electronic now and felt that the risk of a problem with electrical issues was too high for the Chrysler and not worth it in the long run. I do like the ride and drive quality.

The Charger was too cheap in all aspects of a ride quality and features.

The Cadenza fit the overall things I was looking for (ride quality, extra features).

If I had to buy again the price range I was working for I would still purchase a Cadenza. The only thing I can say negative is the electronic steering feature, not a huge fan but thats more personal I think.

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The Charger is not in the same class as the Cadenza in any metric (except maybe engine if you step it up).

Front what I can see:
-Active headlights
-10yr, 100k warranty (even if only extended-purchase)
-Infinity sound system
-All options of 300c Platinum except those listed below (and for lower price)

300 (C, starting @ $38K or Platinum starting @ $42.5k)
-Possible V8
-Factory remote start
-AWD possible
-Beats audio with upgrade to H&K
-Selectible drive modes

I'm sure there are more differences but I'm at work and don't want to spend a whole lot of time on this.

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My buddy has a dodge charger.

This past weekend he was getting in my Cadenza (passenger), we talked for about 10 seconds then I drove us to the movies.

He said "wait, your car is on?!"

Cabin quietness :)
After I parked the Cadenza after my test drive, I only realized the engine was still on because the revs weren't at 0. The engine was essentially silent at idle.
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