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Cadenza Sales Figures

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Is this right? Quick calc, there's only 17893 of these cars on US road today in 2 years of sales...

Kia Cadenza Sales Figures - GOOD CAR BAD CAR

Pretty rare... :D
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Correct me if I am wrong ... but I don't think KIA did a very good job at all of promoting the Cadenza.
When I was looking for a new car back in May 2013, the only reason I found out about it was when I saw it sitting in the Kia dealership parking lot after having driven a Turbo Optima. Never saw much in the way of advance press or commercials. After buying the car in Houston and driving it back to Austin, I hadn't even made it all the way home before I got my first "OH MY GOSH! IT'S BEATIFUL! .... WHAT IS IT?" ... that comment proves my point.
I think this also might be a way of testing the market by helping to identify organic leads and sales. Also, the strength and power of your salespeople, lol.
I find it interesting that you can pick up a new Kia Cadenza for less money than the new Optima if leasing. Dealerships are almost giving them away now, I assume that has something to do with the sales numbers.
I agree. We were kinda looking at the Optima at the Dallas Auto Show when they pointed out the Cadenza. Never heard of it before and haven't seen any Kia ads except for Optima, Soul, and Sorento. Of course there have been some high profile ads for the K900.
I really love it though.
Hyundai Azera numbers really fell off the cliff...I was looking at them last year when I too just stumbled across the Cadenza. I'm not even sure how I came to know of it, but I knew of it before seeing one...the first one I saw coming up a side road and I stopped in traffic and nearly sh!% in my hand! Had to test one before buying anything else. Rest is history.

Hyundai Azera Sales Figures - GOOD CAR BAD CAR
Same thing hear. Went to the dealer to look at Optimas and about shat myself on how much they wanted for them. Looked around the sales room more and found what looked like a really nice one and when I got to it I noticed a few small differences. Went around the back and saw it was a different car. No sales person ever said anything about it, in fact they tried to show me smaller cars and 1 dealer even told me I would look better in something else because that was an "old man's" car, kept trying to get me back over to the Hyundai lot to look at the Veloster Turbo again (nice and fun car btw...). He kept telling me that was the kind of car I needed because I was young and it was fast and had a nice sound system. While I did want it, I wanted this more because it was nicer. Went to another dealership on the other side of town because I wouldn't give these people my money or time of day anymore. New dealer was good and even had the lead sales guy who actually had a Cadenza.
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Check out the Canadian numbers (160 for 2014 in all of Canada). I am one of 14 people who bought one this past December. More exclusive than a Porsche 911 or Maserati, but the Audi R8 is more exclusive. Great web site.
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I have only ever seen one Cadenza commercial, one of the KIA commercials with Laurence Fishburne reprising his roles as Morpheus. I also saw some kind of fast food or something commercial that clearly featured a Cadenza.

Anyway, I came across the Cadenza while doing research for my next car. I was looking for something in the full-sized sedan market, and the Cadenza kept coming back as being top for value packed and full featured for its prices. Two weeks later I drove it off the lot.
Not Sure?

Not sure if this number is correct but what I do know is I don't see very many on the road. This is worrisome because I would hate to see them discontinue this car. It's a really, really nice car and not only myself but everyone I know or have spoken with agree & like this car very much. Maybe folks are waiting for it to be on the market for a while so the kinks can be worked out but what many don't realize is this has been sold for several years in South Korea and Europe as the K7. It's just new to the states.

In one way I like that there are not a lot of them on the road because creates more uniqueness when driving but on the other hand if it doesn't sell it could go to the wayside. They need to do more advertising also. Seldom see commercials anymore.
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I remember that commercial. It's very cool. I had a similar sales experience. I went in to test drive an Optima, went home not happy with the car. Saw the Cadenza on the web site, and took it home 4 days later. I did a 500 mile round trip this past weekend and the car was a dream! So smooth and comfortable. A little proper marketing and the Cadenza's should be flying out of the dealerships. It has turned a lot of heads, and anyone that has looked into it has been well impressed.
My story

Not going to lie....the first time I saw or heard about the Cadenza was the commercial of the hottie going back to her class reunion in the all black model. I first said "****, she's hot", but then turned my attention to the car. Talked about the car for a good 6 months off an on, but one afternoon after work, I stopped in to see my friend at the KIA dealership to look at it internally for the first time. Mind you, I had no intention of buying that day, but was in the market for a new car (traded in my 2003 Honda Accord which I loved). After some phone calls with the salesman my friend hooked me up with over the next two days, we agreed on numbers and I drove it off the lot that Friday afternoon. Haven't looked back! Love this car!
I agree with what you guys are saying regarding other's comments and looks though. I've seen two other Cadenzas on the street so far here in KC, and I purchased it last March.
Second half of commercial from Kia

sorry not much of the hottie in this one but the car looks amazing
If I'm recalling correctly, there was commercial for Cadenza during last years Super Bowl. Saw the commercial a couple of times, maybe 10 at most. Roll forward a month and we were at auto show in Chicago. Kia had a couple cars offered for test drive. We tested the Optima first, was OK. They asked if we wanted to test drive any others and mentioned they had Cadenza and Soul. Gave Cadenza a try and one week later had one in our driveway.

We looked at more than a dozen cars at the auto show that were similar size including Infiniti Q50, Audi A4 and A6, Cadillac ATS and CTS, Ford Fusion, Ford Taurus, Chevy Impala, BMW 3 Series, Buick Lacrosse and Buick Regal, the Cadenza had more interior room and was priced very well. One other car caught our eye, the 2015 Genesis, but that wasn't yet available and no pricing was set yet. That's probably one that we would have considered over Cadenza as it was offered in AWD model.

A year later, still enjoying the car and has been absolutely problem free.
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Bought mine last month in Langley BC Canada and find it a fantastic car! Black on black limited model, no idea why they left the cooling off the passenger seat but other than that love the ride, handling comfort and the sound system
Bought mine last month in Langley BC Canada and find it a fantastic car! Black on black limited model, no idea why they left the cooling off the passenger seat but other than that love the ride, handling comfort and the sound system

O really?? The limited in the US have cooling on the passenger seat. That is bummers.

Then again, the ones in Europe and middle eastern countries have dvd players, integrated armrest audio console controls... Ive heard the ones in Korea have tv tuners with subscription as well
Just over 25200 of these on the US roads today...still pretty rare find.
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