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Cadenza Needs New Shoes

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Nearing 35,000 mi on my 2014 Cadenza SXL. No problems -- outstanding auto. Due for a tire replacement. No need for high performance tires- just a quiet comfortable "touring" ride; all weather; long life. Asheville NC is my home-base. Not much snow; moderate weather; lots of mountain roads.

Cadenza was delivered with Hankook Optimo H426 tires; size P/245/40R19, 94V . Seemed fine, except shorter life than I would have expected.

Would appreciate any recommendations.
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I think I've seen a few tire threads around here through the years with people interjecting with their personal experience on the car. A few of them were also looking for a slightly quieter ride, you may try a search for "tire" or something similar on the site :)
So over the years I've been keeping a list of tires that were recommended:

Continental Extreme Contact DWS06 tires
Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires
Bridgstone Turanza Serenity Plus
Michelin Premier A/S
I bought a set of Michelin Pilot Sport AS/3
Great quiet ride and seems to stick to the road quite well in corners. Probably have around 10,000 miles on them now and still great
Today, Sam’s Club installed a set of new Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus 245/40R19 (after I ordered them, yesterday - bravo). The Perelli’s were the highest-rated tires, in their size and category, on TireRack, and they cost half a ton of $, but it was an extremely quiet ride home. With the radio off, I can hear some wind noise, from the bad seal, in the sunroof (getting fixed tomorrow). At this point, it is too early to say anything else, about the tires. The OEM Hankook Optima's had 46k mi - and although they had 5/32" of tread, and they appeared to be wearing evenly, belts on two of the four tires had shifted. I will be driving 4k miles in the next 6-weeks and I didn't want to risk a blow out on the new rims that my dealer (Kia of Grand Blanc) replaced (chrome flaking), last week, under warranty.
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Nice. Parents just got back from a trip to NC and turned my car over 32k miles. I was in their car while they were using mine and their tires were almost bald and it looked like the sides were dry rotting. I looked at the truck as well while I was at it and noticed the outside of the front tires were worn really bad and without tread as well. Called them up and told them they needed to replace at least 5 tires when they got back. I was a bit worried about mine (never kept a car long enough to need tires) so I looked at mine when they got back. Man those things are still in good shape, plenty of tread too. Still don't see all the hate for our stock tires.
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