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Cadenza Engine Failure at 26K (10,600 Miles)

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Well, here's a car owners work nightmare.

On November 5th, my 2014 Cadenza stalled in the middle of the road and wouldn't restart. I had the car towed to a KIA dealership as the car is still under warranty. Expecting to get my car back the next day, I was informed that the reason for the stall was the engine had lost compression in several front cylinders and would need a tear-down (at my cost) for several weeks to determine the cause of the failure and that no loaner car was possible under the circumstances. He also mentioned that the warranty would only apply if a manufacturing defect was clearly present. You might imagine my shock at this turn of events was palpable and using all my self control, I requested the car to be towed to another dealership as I simply didn't believe this fantastic story. After a much more reasonable discussion with a different KIA manager, I was informed that loss compression was indeed the cause and that the engine would need a tear-down but that KIA would cover this as a goodwill gesture. Further they also agreed to provide a loaner car at their cost, all of which I really appreciated, giving the nightmarish situation I was in.

To make a long story short, KIA spent several weeks tearing down the top end of the engine while at the same time proposing several theories as the the cause, they finally hit of what they believe is the route cause....bad fuel. The KIA manager called me and went on the say that since this was not KIA's fault, no warranty coverage would be in effect and that I would need to pay to replace the engine loosely estimated to be $20K. At the dealership I was shown a reused water bottle containing two distinct substances, one I assume is fuel and the other clearly something else (water?). So, in effect, I am expected to largely purchase the vehicle once again.

I talked to a third party engine rebuilder and he was adamant that water or any other clear liquid (no particulates) should only stop the car and not damage the engine. He went on the say that water in gas today is quite common and most manufactures cover any results of this, but that engine damage is quite unusual, if even possible.

Anyone else has any experiences like this and any advice with resolving this with KIA ?

EchoTango :cry

(P.S. - I have posted this on another KIA site and apologies if there are any members from that other site here as well)
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what was the final outcome did u pay for a new rebuilt engine? contact a lawyer or both ?
Out of interest what was their defense besides denying liability ?
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