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bye bye Cadenza, hello to my new Ford Fiesta!!!

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bwahahahaha... Just kidding!:p
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( dazed and confused as I pick myself off the floor... )
...I thought the ol' boy had gone stark-raving zany...

If you got a Fiesta, I'm sure it would have been the Ford/Kia joint
project. Those were great!

Or the Ford Fiesta that Ken Block is driving. I'd take that in a heart beat!

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^^^Awesome for the track, but not exactly a family car, or in my case, an old guy's car. Even back when I raced/showed on the Cal Look VW scene back in the day, my most daring street car was a Porsche Raspberry beetle, about two inches off the ground.

For a Fiesta, though, that is pretty tight.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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