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Bumper-to-Bumper Extended Warranty - What is it Worth?

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How much is a Kia extended warranty (to 100,000 miles) worth?
Dealer is offering it for "his cost + $100) = $1680
Would you buy it for that?
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That was the same offer that the sale mgr made me. I didn't take it at the time though I confirmed with him that I could come back for it later. You can, but the price will be adjusted and pro-rated based on the mileage you've put on your car in the interim.

Anyway, I usually go with extended warranties but I didn't with this one as this is the first Kia I've ever owned, so I'm not sure how they are about honoring their warranties. For my past vehicles, it's always been very shop dependent. Some shops are crap about honoring the warranty and will do whatever they can to make you pay out of pocket, whereas others are the opposite and will even try to get things that aren't normally warranty issues covered anyway.

LOL all that to say that I'm also interested in what others have to say about Kia's extended warranties in general. Has anyone here bought one and had any problems with getting something fixed under it (even accepting that it's shop dependent)?
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Is that the extended warranty that also covers ALL the electronics? I bought it for the same price as the electronics are not covered for the 100,000 miles in the regular warranty.
With everything in this car I figured it was worth the chance.
Yes, it covers all electronics - and that was my reasoning exactly. Especially with all the computers in new cars, I was also thinking that the expense was worth it.
Wouldn't some of it depend on how long you keep cars before trading?
I've traded in every kia before 55000 miles. It might not be worth it for
a low mileage trader. I've owned 5 kia's, never had a problem with them covering anything under the regular warrarty
It does, and that's why I'm inquiring. I kept my last car for 7 years and 120K miles!
drive train is covered to 100,000 miles, but the new electronics is to 60,000 miles and don't even dare ask what some of that might cost.
really cold winters are hard , extreme heat is rough, and along the salt shores are tht worst. So if you keep the car that long and experience
any of those ,might want to consider.
I am shocked that the dealership didn't try to hit me up with the extended warranty. My problem is a 100K extended warranty on a car with a 100k drivetrain warranty and a 60k electronics warranty only means I am covering the 40k miles for $1700.
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Not sure what you mean by "new electronics," but the Radio, Nav unit, and Center display are only covered to 36,000 miles per dealer.
Does if Kia sells the extended warranty

Hello, I am about to buy a 2014 Kia Cadenza and I was wondering, where I can buy an extended warranty? I wanted one through Kia, but I have no clue how to inquire about one. I called the Kia headquarters and the numbers she give too me, no one answers.
I don't think KIA USA can sell any product direct to public. I know this for fact on vehicles, but not sure if this extends to warranty and/or parts. Even so, it would not be good dealer relations for KIA corporate; the dealers are their public facing entity as is the case for all car manufacturers in the US except Tesla.

When it comes to pricing the factory extended warranty; I suspect the mark-up is significant. Problem is that at that point in the deal the buyer is negotiating with Dealer's F&I department not Sales. They are two different profit centers for the dealer.

Ran into this with my first Mercedes; F&I would not negotiate warranty price; on my next car I made extended warranty price part of the Sales quote and told Sales they had to negotiate with F&I on my behalf if they wanted the deal. It worked.

Insist that F&I negotiate; they probably are at 200-300% mark up on factory warranties. Get your best deal then decide.
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PS: From Nissan USA days (years ago); Nissan Security-Plus was about $300-500 to the dealers and was sold for about $1500 - $2500 retail. Nice profits for all as actual claims submitted were very very low for the number of policies sold.

Not sure what the Kia pricing structure is.
Got my extended warranty for $1000 if I remember correctly. Got the tire package for... $300? $400?
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