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Bumper issues

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Hello All,

Im not sure what's causing my problem but the driver side area of my bumper keeps popping out where the fender meets the bumper under the headlight and I can't figure out if a screw is missing or what. Some parking lots have high clearance so im not sure if a screw popped loose or if its damaged. Im able to pop it back in but after driving for a while it pops back out. Any suggestions?

Ill post pics soon.
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There is a screw there, sound like it popped out. The screw is located in the fender, where the bumper and body meet. The screw head points directly down towards the ground (not "forward"). Check it on the other side and you'll probably find it.
Take a look at the kia parts and you will see where the screw is locater.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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