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Braking distance?

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Hello everyone,
I moved from a 2012 Kia Optima SX turbo to a 2014 Cadenza and noticed right away that the braking distance is quite different. I know the Cadenza is a little larger but boy, sometimes I feel like I was going to rear end the guy in front of me. The Optima seemed to stop on a dime. Do other people see the same?
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the weight makes all that much difference
Did a quick lookup, the cars are about 200-300 lbs different, Cadenza being heaver. That said, rpjr1970, also looked up stopping distance 60-0, Optima is 123 feet, Cadenza is 118. So braking should be slightly better. The softer suspension may make the car feel much different then your recollection of the optima...Seat of the Pants is always subjective.
quality of pads are a factor in my eyes. I want with Akebono and they stop better than stock but a little more noise too so....
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