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Bought new tires and love them

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After sliding around in the recent winter weather up in the northeast, I decided to swap out my stock tires for Continental Extreme Contact DWS06 tires. These things are amazing! They go right through the snow and ice, and hug the road around the turns. It's like I'm driving a whole new car. I highly recommend them.
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I have them on my K900 and they are great
only thing I see is, When it is cold they will flat spot
when setting any length of time half a mile
then they quiet down
All nylon tires will do that
They are much quieter and smoother than the stock tires. I'm impressed with how they handle the bumps in the road - much better than stock.
Not there quite yet (only 15K miles) but making a list of tire replacements noted in other threads:
Continental Extreme Contact DWS06 tires
Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires
Bridgstone Turanza Serenity Plus
Michelin Premier A/S
Ya, I haven't even looked at my tires to see where they are, should still be good for a while though, 3yrs and 26kmi on my tires so far. Will replace with something else eventually, nicer. I haven't really had any issues with my tires, sure they slide a bit in the winter and usually on black ice, but that's going to be any tire really. I guess when I get some nicer tires maybe I'll know how not-so-great these were?

On a side note, I almost got a Miata (I know, big difference between the 2 cars) before I purchased my Cadenza out of lease last month (it's been that good) and I knew I would have to get some winter tires for it. Our car however is much bigger, heavier, and front wheel drive, I've never felt the need to put anything else on.
I replaced my stock OEM after 500 km to all weather Nokians and we had massive snowfall in Vancouver from late DCecember to last week.They performed wonderfully.They are relatively quiet but snow and rain handling are what really counts in my part of the world. I was given a brand new Optima as a courtesy car and noticed they are running Michelsen as their OEM.This was the basic Optima.I am wondering if Kia has finally dropped Nexen and Hankook from their suppliers?
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