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Black on black in black Cadenza

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So recently I made the mistake of letting my girlfriend drive my Cadenza and unfortunately she wrecked it. It's not horrible, but I do need to replace the front bumper, grill and windshield. Have you guys noticed how similar the body styling of the new Genesis is compared to the Cadenza. They make a lot cooler looking grill for the Genesis and don't really make anything for the Cadenza yet. So I'm wondering if the front bumper and grill would be able to fit on the Cadenza. I'm thinking not because of the way the headlights are shaped, but I really want to get something along those lines figured out. Any ideas?
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Assuming you have a 14, have you seen the 15 grill? Slightly different, and I would bet it could be a direct replacement.

I haven't heard of anyone trying out a Genesis grill on the Cadenza, I'm sure it's no where near being able to bolt on. If you're handy, you could try you're luck at modifying it to make it fit. To my eyes that grill looks bigger than ours.
I understand that the grill from the Genesis won't fit in the bumper of the Cadenza. What I was asking is if anyone knew how compatible the bumpers would be to swap.
And also, I'm a Kia Dealer, there is no difference between the 14 and the 15 grills.
Welcome to the forum community. Sorry to hear about the accident.

I haven't seen the similarities of the new Genesis compared to the Cadenza.

That would be pretty neat if they were swappable bumpers, but they're different vehicle manufacturers and I don't think they would share the same bumper design or fitment.

If you try it, of course let us know how it goes.

And also, I'm a Kia Dealer, there is no difference between the 14 and the 15 grills.
Daybreak had pictures up on this thread (, but has since taken down the pics. Maybe it is with later production 15s, as his is the first I've seen with the 360 surround view monitor too.

First thing that jumped out of me was the new grill, and fender vents.

Good luck and keep us updated if you do the swap, would love to see something like that.
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