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I just purchased a 2014 Cadenza with 26 miles on it. Got a great deal after trading in my 2013 Optima that had 72K miles on it. Had the Cadenza for 11 days and on Wednesday I went to a store, was in there for 5 minutes, and when I came out it wouldn't start. Dealership is now saying it's the BCM. I'm concerned I got a lemon. Service manager assures me he's never heard of this issue. I can't find anything anywhere online that points to any issues. Has anyone heard of anything??? I'm a little freaked out
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Mine just had a dead battery at purchase; probably sat at the port and dealer too long without starting. No problems since.

I would let dealer fix and try it out. The warranty activity is very low on Cadenza and this model has been in production for some time in Korea. I don't think you will have issues but keep all documentation for peace of mind.
The ic's in any of the modules on any make car can get hit by a voltage surge and cause a problem.
Good news, I haven't heard of this problem with the cadenza. Better news yet It is covered by warranty.
You don't even need luck with the KIA warranty
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I've had mine be dead a few times. I've found it's the battery draining when I leave the headlights on auto and have it sit for a couple days. Now I just turn them off when I'm not using it.
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