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Back-up Camera Repair for $0 !

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My 2014 Cadenza's rear camera started to flicker, fortunately right at the end of the warranty, which the dealer "fixed" (parenthesis explained later) at no charge. A year later, the camera started to flicker or not display which I assumed meant another replacement after only a year ! Went to the dealer and got a quote of $600 to replace it. I then said no and just bought the replacement part for $110.00. For some strange reason the parts guy quoted me $380 for the camera and then (happily for me) corrected himself to $110. Very weird.
Looking on YouTube I found out how to change out the camera but also discovered some folks who able to affect a repair to the camera. I took mine out (dead simple) and looked at the part and it does come apart buy removing a number of small screws which revealed a small circuit board with a lens attached partially covered in a white residue. The lens PCB screws to the camera body with a tiny grey gasket in between the lens housing and the camera lens. It was clear to me that water had entered the lens and shorted out the camera board. A toothbrush and some 99% pure alcohol removed all the white powder and with a little black Permatex I was able to reseal the housing. I also coated the outside of the camera including all around the lens gasket while making sure no sealant got on the lens. Plugged it back in and with it just hanging on the trunk lid, I was able to confirm it had reactivated. Given that you're removing/replacing tiny screws into a plastic housing, I doubt this will be a repeatable repair for the long term but, it did work for me. I will keep new one for the day when it doesn't return from the dead.

My other thoughts with this successful DIY repair and the short lived dealer warranty "fix", I wonder if they are also cleaning out the leaky cameras and sending them down the road. We will never know for sure, but I'm now very suspicious.

Good luck everyone !
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I have an extended warranty with a $100 deductible. Took my car to the dealer because my camera used to flicker and now it just goes black when I back up. Setup an appointment 4 weeks out because they were that busy and then received a call the day of my appointment informing me the camera was back ordered. My original appointment was August 9th and I am still waiting for the part to arrive. If I didn't have the warranty, not sure if I would drop the $600 for the replacement with labor.
EchoTango: how did you remove the camera in the first place. I am looking at it and just do not see where to start. Do you take out the trunk inside trim?
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