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Auto Hold

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On my Cadenza that is one of the features I like the best but this morning on my way to work it wouldn't stay on and in fact it tried to auto set my parking brake.I tried turning off the car and hoping a reset would work. I was thinking darn when can I get my car in and in my mind was going over my schedule for the next few days. WShen I got to work as I was walking into my building I noticed my trunk was ajar I must have, by accident, pulled the hood release lever. Once I closed the trunk I restarted and everything worked fine. I did confirm from the owner's manual it didn't work with the trunk open: here is the write up in the Owners manual
" The Auto Hold does not operate
- The driver's seat belt is unfastened
and driver's door is opened
- The engine hood is opened
- The trunk is opened
- The shift lever is in P (Park)
- The EPB is applied
• For your safety, the Auto Hold
automatically switches to Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) in
such cases:"

Just thought I would pass that on. As an aside, what was interesting, because my hood was only slightly ajar no warning light came on
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