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Auto Headlight Sensitivity

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(I will admit that I have not yet looked for the answer in the owners manual..)

Is it possible to adjust the sensitivity with which the headlights turn on in Auto mode? I would like them to turn on sooner then they do. I would also like the Nav display to go into night mode sooner, and stay in night mode longer in the early am. Anyone messed with these settings?

Thanks, in advance.
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Funny you should post this. I was just looking through the settings yesterday to see if I could set the sensitivity higher so the headlights would come on faster when entering a darkened area like my garage or a tunnel. I couldn't find anything in the MID or Nav screens.
I too have tried to find info on this... i even got with my service department on it and found nothing on it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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