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Got mine about 8 months ago (Oct 2014), had 9900 miles, premium with Lux, Certified preowned, paid $26000, before 100k warrantee, T,T,T. At that time Edmunds listed that car certified for just under $ least I didn't pay more, but it was a chore to find this one at that price at that time.

Just did the Edmunds, same car on a lot today with 20000 (current mileage) would call for $28,592. 10k more miles, 8 months older, and it's worth $2600 more then what I paid...sweet! :D

Of course tradein is $23,920, but I'm not tradin' it in for 9 more years...You guys should check yours...

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Owner of our local KIA store offered my $25,000 for my Prem (14k miles), but he wanted it with all the modifications. He wanted it as his car... gotta stop taking it in for oil changes there, or they may steal it...

Hopefully it keeps going up, these cars really get a bad rep because the KIA badges, but I haven't been happier in a luxury car of any other brand.

Oh, and I counter-offered him $35,000 rolling the extra $14k over on a K900... He's thinking about it... I'm a hypocrite, I know!
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