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I have a couple.....

1. - Car has to be started in order to retract/close the sunroof. It should be able to close in ACC Mode

2. - Auto Fold out mirrors as you approach the vehicle. By the time the mirror fully fold out to provide you with puddle lights, you have already reached the door. This makes no use for the puddle lights at all. They need to change the recognition distance from 3ft to like 6ft.

3. - Electric Emergency brake make an annoying sound when applying it.

4. - Car comes with 4300K headlights, should be at least 6000K (more of a complaint)

5. - Navigation Speed Alert (POIs), when you add a speed alert camera to the navigation on the map, it will only alert you if are actually using the navigation for guidance, which can easily be fixed via an update.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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