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Advanced Smart? Cruise Control

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Just bought a premium model with ASCC. I feel like I'm the only one in the GTA with one. Talk about a rare car - I have never seen another one ever and I have been looking. I love the ASCC and use it all the time both in the city and on the highway but it does have a fatal flaw and you must keep an eye on it at all times. It cannot see anything that is not moving. If you are following a car that leaves your lane and the car in front is stopped at a light it will drive right into it. I checked the owners manual and it confirms the ASCC can only track and lock onto moving objects. Once I figured this out I am OK but they really should upgrade this to full collision avoidance with automatic braking feature before someone gets hurt.
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Valuable observation.

Seems like a serious safety violation. Wondering why Kia has allowed this to be. Are they even aware of this?
Kia never claimed they had forward collision warning capability but allowing the car to control speed and braking without it seems dangerous. Since they have a radar based system and a forward looking camera there is no technical reason for this oversight. It is the 1.0 version of this system and hopefully they are working on version 2 which will be a firmware upgrade?
ya... no front collision mitigation on the K7... the K900 has it.
I experienced this yesterday. The car in front of me pulled into the right hand turn lane and the car that was in front of him was at a dead stop at a stop light. My car kept going at the set speed and gave no indication it was going to slow down so I applied the brakes. My wife was a little shocked at the abrupt stop I had to make.
Another incident occurred when I approached a stopped car from a long distance away. My car gave no indication it was going to slow to a stop.
I'm aware now but I hope the new version comes soon.
ya... no front collision mitigation on the K7... the K900 has it.
I was just going to say that I was unsure about this because my car did it on it's own, and then I saw this comment and double checked. You are correct, the K900 has advanced collision control. My seat belt tightens up and the steering wheel trembles right before an accident occurs.
@gene swears that his Cadenza has stopped completely on its own because of the Adaptive Cruise... that's not supposed to happen... that car should only be able to apply I think 20% brake pressure to slow down... not slam on it to avoid a collision
Next Step

I have written a formal letter to KIA outlining the problem. Offering a full range adaptive cruise control when the vehicle is blind to any non moving or stopped vehicle is dangerous. Again today a car left my lane and there was a stopped truck ... a very large stopped truck and my car still accelerated right for it. Its like having a blind person driving my car. No other manufacturer offers SCC without forward collision mitigation and now I know why! Considering the problems GM is having with ignition switches and Honda with air bags it would be a good idea for KIA to get out in front of this before someone gets hurt.
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I love the ACC and use it all of the time but I have experienced a couple of incidents where 18 wheeled tractor trailers have pulled in front of me and the car didn't seem to see them, which has happened about 4 times. My car will come to a complete stop if the car in front is slowing and comes to a stop, but if a car changes lanes in front of me and there is another car that isn't moving my car will keep accelerating as well.

Either way, I still like the feature but like everything you still need to be paying attention.
I've had similar experiences with cars shifting from my lane in front of me into a different lane due to stopped traffic leaving me headed for the stopped traffic. There was an audible warning alert and something was flashing on the digital display. I didn't focus on what the display was showing since my concern was what was happening in front of me. My car was already applying the brakes harder than normal, but not hard enough to prevent an accident. When I went to stop manually, the brakes were already primed and solid. I haven't had the experience of my Cadenza racing blindly towards the stopped traffic.

I've had prior vehicles with adaptive cruise control that would slam the brakes if someone pulled in front of me within the distance setting. Very uncomfortable when that would happen. My Cadenza doesn't over-react when someone pulls in front of me. It lets off the gas and if they are moving at a speed faster than me, there are no brakes, just a gradual increase in distance - similar to how I would handle it myself. If a car pulls in front of me and is going slower than me, then the Cadenza does start braking.

Are there different versions of the Advanced Smart Cruise Control?
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Adaptive Cruise and Front Collision Alert are very different... in fact now that I'm back with GM and see everything they have... there are units with Front Collision Alert and no Adaptive Cruise.... but just an alert, doesn't stop the car unless it has the Adaptive Cruise System with it.

heck, Hyundai's new system does it all... but that 'll set you back a good 50k for the v6.
I was doing only 45 and the truck pulled out in under the distance I had the cruise set to follow. The car stopped it self before I hit the truck, which just pulled out then stopped crossways of the lane.
I've noticed if someone changes a lane in front of me, as long as they are moving forward the car just lets off on the gas. doesn't hit the brakes. If they are going faster than I am but are under the set follow distance, the car just keeps going doesn't slow.
Shoot. If I had this problem, I would've totaled my car today. Everyone stopped abruptly. From 70-0 in about 2 seconds. I was looking at a car in my blind spot, looked forward and everyone was stopped. Had I not been paying attention, I would've hit them. That's very dangerous.
Have an eye...

The ACC keeps 2 second spacing at all times and is very agressive about it. Even so I have had to intervene with hard breaking only once or twice in extreme situtations. You must supervise the ACC at all times. It cannot "see" stopped cars. If the car you are following changes lanes and there is a stopped car in the lane, the ACC will not slow down and if the speed setting was higher it will speed up and accelerate right into the stopped car. If you approach a car in your lane that is not moving that the ACC had not previously been tracking the same thing will happen and you must hit the brakes manually. You must pay attention at all times when the ACC is engaged and be ready to take over when ever there are stopped cars in your path.
Just bought a premium model with ASCC. I feel like I'm the only one in the GTA with one. Talk about a rare car - I have never seen another one ever and I have been looking. ...
I'm in the GTA and also have one. Yes, rare.
I never really understood the draw to an adaptive cruise control. When I take long trips, I just set the cruise control, and adjust it myself using the manual control on the steering wheel... I would never use CC inner-city because the traffic is terrible, and everyone here takes their stupid pills on a regular basis.

Guess I'm just old-school... :(

Finally got around to discovering Smart Cruise Control last night and its awesome, but the lane change in front think the OP mentioned scared the crap out of me.... a car in front changed to left lane, and I go FLYING towards a stopped vehicle... its a GOOD reminder to not rely to heavily on the technology and stay AWARE and READY.
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