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A/C Problem

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Tried searching but couldn't find any mention of this....
Driving yesterday, 4 adults in car, Temperature outside was 88 F, Air conditioning on full blast, recicirculate button depressed; car would not cool down. Air coming out of vents was cool, not cold, and was not getting vented at full force despite setting on max. Went to dinner - 2 hours later driving home in the dark - everything was back to normal re: cold air and sufficient cooling.

Never happened before. 2014 with 45,000 miles. Zero problems.

Anyone else with a similar experience?
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if you have the fan up all the way... it travels too fast for the ac to cool the air.... cut the speed down a notch or 2 and see if it cools better
I've brought this up before somewhere but I also notice lackluster performance from my AC. Sometimes it's really nice, most of the time though it's mediocre. I attributed it to my soft driving as it gets colder when you floor it (with pretty much any car). Just weird because my buddies Prius will just about freeze us out.
id take it in and show the service department... if you complain about it enough, maybe they'll replace it
The only issue I have had with my HVAC is when I put it in Auto, it turns off Recirculate, and sometimes I don't want to smell the exhaust, so I turn recirculate on and its fine, other times it wont let me, I turn off auto and I still can't enable recirculate, doesn't matter what settings I put it on. I have to completely stop, shut off the car, wait 5 minutes (I have timed it and tried at 30 second intervals), and then it'll allow me to turn recirculate on and off again freely.

No clue what controls it, but it happens once a month or so, and since I only drive the car on weekends when I am in town, I haven't noticed it as much.
We have experienced this randomly, with an issue that the coolant fans fail to turn on or off with the car. I have done some digging and it appears to be known issues with fan relays but the dealer has never been able to reproduce.
I just purchased a 2016 Cadenza, and noticed the A/C is cool but not ice cold and it struggles to cool the car down. I have a feeling if I take it into the dealer while its under warranty, they're just going to tell me it's normal. But it should definitely be colder than it's blowing.
I just purchased a 2016 Cadenza, and noticed the A/C is cool but not ice cold and it struggles to cool the car down. I have a feeling if I take it into the dealer while its under warranty, they're just going to tell me it's normal. But it should definitely be colder than it's blowing.
Since it's a new vehicle to you there's some things you should check, just speaking from experience.

Are you noticing cool but not cold air when using Auto or Manual A/C, or both? If you turn off Auto (either pushing the Auto button, manually changing fan speed, manually changing the mode) the manual A/C is not automatically turned on. So if either Auto or the Manual A/C is not engaged you will not get cold air.

If Auto is engaged, what is your temperature set at and what is the current temperature in the cabin? I've been told when using Auto that as the temperature in the cabin gets closer to the temperature you would like it at (set temperature) the fans and/or temperature lower so as to keep the cabin around the temperature you have it set to.

Pick yourself up a A/C Test Thermometer, should be able to find one under $10 at your local auto store. Stick that in the center of one of your vents and run your A/C for a little while with Manual A/C turned on. Then you have an idea of how your A/C is performing.
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Had my AC compressor replaced at around 55000 miles. Used to kinda cool, but now it cools great. Get it checked out under warranty for certain.
Thanks. I'll get it looked at soon. I appreciate the responses.
Here's some irony, my AC is acting up. again, compressor was replaced around 55k, i'm at maybe 72k and it's not cooling well at all over the last week or so. It's been hot, and it just can't keep up. Didn't really notice it over the winter, so it may have been losing charge over time. Hope they can figure out where it's leaking...
So they've had the car since Wednesday (today Friday), still no resolution. They can duplicate the problem, but it's not obvious what's wrong. They did evacuate and recharge, put in die, looked for a leak, no leak present. Still blowing warm at times. Dealership is in touch with Kia for tech support on this. as nothing seems wrong. Pressures are all correct, that's what has them most baffled. They have to run some new tests that Kia is suggesting to get an ideal what electrically is going to the AC parts....Hope to have an answer today.
Is it possible that the A/C compressor part just isn't designed very well? I had a 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe and we had A/C issues in that as well from the day we bought it brand new. I imagine Hyundai and Kia use some of the same base components, and I could see the A/C compressor being one of them. Granted I'm making my assumption from 2 cars, but could be possible it's just a poorly designed part and just doesn't do the job very well.
They were able to determine late last week that it was the expansion valve causing the problems. They had to wait for the part. Should arrive tomorrow, I'll have to wait until then and see if they are able to resolve it. I'm optimistic, but anything can happen.
Yesterday was the hottest day so far in 2019 ( 29 C 84 F) and my AC seemed sluggish and didnt cool the car .However after about ten minutes or so the cab became cool and in fact my wife asked me to raise the temp .I was running it on the AC mode , LOW and at maximum fan speed. Once we reached a comfortable temp\ I changed to auto 20 (C) 69 F) and the remainder was fine. It was the startup that seemed to take for ever .
Expansion valve just came in today, they will have it installed and done by the afternoon. I likely won't see the car until tomorrow. Forgot what it looks like. tomorrow is 8 days.
Picked up the car this morning. Definitely a better cooling experience, I honestly can't remember when it cooled this well. Especially at a full stop, like traffic lights or slow Interstate commute back into town. It was about 84 degrees outside, sun not hitting hard yet, so the afternoon heat will be the true test. Put about 25 miles getting into work, just loving being back in the old girl. Had a 2019 Sorento, drove off the lot with 90 miles on it, put a little under 500 of my own on it over the last 8 days. So to go from being completely comfortable in the taller SUV to back in the car, felt glued to the road which took a little getting used to. But everything familiar came back quick, man did I miss her.

So it turns out the expansion valve is the culture, may have even caused the compressor to go bad 18,000 miles back, as she cooled well after that service, but was never amazing cooling. Also to note, an actuator motor for the dual zone actually failed during the service, so they got all of that handled in the process. I kept telling them I heard that actuator sound a few times before, they never could duplicate it during the oil changes. But having the car for 8 days, they may have pulled out all of the AC bugs this time around for sure.

$50 deductible as I'm over the traditional warranty into the extended. With the loaner I think the warranty paid a bit over $600 best guess. I only glanced at their invoice. Mine usually comes back with all zeros but to be honest I didn't actually look at it. I just jumped in the car and got to work.
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Just looked at the total bill, also reread what I wrote above, meant to say culprit not culture.

So total for parts and labor was 637, I paid $50 of that. They didn't have the loaner info on there, but they likely charged the warranty about $25-30 a day. so 8 days, about $200-250 in addition. Warranty was only $1600, So i'm half way to breaking even.
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