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24000 miles Whats Happening!

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Hello All,
2015 with 24000 miles, Florida car, purchased new,need to have the driver seat bottom Cushion / Leather replaced ( leather is peeling / flaking, cracked ) and the upper part of the Dash has to be replaced, the Vinyl black material has pulled away from the frame and has bubbled. When I park the car, I always use the rear window screen and use a front sun screen. Parts have been ordered and are in stock at the dealer, need to make appointment to have work done. Very concerned of having the seat removed from the car as well as the entire dash coming out.:eek:
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Ya that sounds bad. But I have to admit, my seats aren't holding up nearly as well as I would like them to, even with me cleaning/conditioning (protecting) them at least every few months. I didn't do nearly as much on my old Rogue and the seats on that look better to this day (about 5 yrs old) than my Cadenza's seats do now... I have the beige leather in my Cadenza, of course black on the Rogue. I just expected more from a nicer leather :(
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