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20x10 on all 4?

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Is it possible to fit 20x10 wheels on all 4 (front and back). I really like the look of concave wheels and the 20x10 gives the most of that. Any experience or thoughts?
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The Premium comes with a stock 18x7.5 wheel where as the limited are 19x8.

On stock suspension, you probably have room for an 20x8.5, I do not see you getting a 20x10 in the front at all, and I would be surprised if it fits in the rear.

Anyone else have any info?

Edit -- 41mm Offset (Stock on all models)
I think there are a few people on the forum running 20x10 in the rear. Just not sure about the front.
The rear I can see, maybe. I have pretty good clearance on stock wheels, but the front, even with my fender liner pulled out, I don't think I could run a x10. I'd be interested in seeing one.
Yeah the only reason I ask is because says they will fit. Here is the link:
Yeah the only reason I ask is because says they will fit. Here is the link:
My history with WheelFire is... less than impressive.

They do have a Fitment promise (20% Restocking Fee + YOU pay return shipping). So if they don't fit, you can just send them back, but I would talk to KIA first, see what they say. Your Dealer or someone in their service department can measure it for you.
Okay, cool. Thanks for the info. I will try to get up there soon and ask them.
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