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2018 KIA Stinger GT

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Just left the dealership while getting an oil change, got to check out a 2018 KIA Stinger.
While it is cool looking and the V6 dual turbo's, brembo brakes, touch screen , etc
I'm not going to trade down from the K900 or the Cadenza. If I was younger and starting out with a
GT car I'd go for it. Was looking to trade the Cadenza for one, maybe another year.
Not on sale yet but some dealerships have them for show. Not sure I like the touch screen
sticking up above the dash. Seems to have everything in it, but looks sparce and plain (inside) to me
More the size of the Optima
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It is a bit more plain for people like us who, I think, like a bit more sophisticated look. One of the main attractions to our car for me was the wood trim in it. I LOVE wood trim, it just has an elegance to it. on the other side of things I had the aluminum and black trims in most sports cars, and god forbid it has a gaudy carbon fiber trim (real or not). Unless it's in a hypercar or F1 it's really not needed and just looks like a cheap sticker. I also loved that I could get tan leather, I would love to have brown but meh. In most sporty cars you can get black, and that's about it. I'm just not a fan of the limited options in them. Same goes for those circular air vents, it's supposed to be more performance looking but I'm not a fan of it either.

Now, with all of that said, Maybe the Stinger is done super well and just right. I would know that all of this was the default going in and I think I would be ok with it. I've seen some pics of the inside though I'd love to actually see it and sit in one. It will certainly be sporty and performance oriented and not quite an 'elevated' experience like us or to a larger degree that the K900 is, but that's ok because it isn't supposed to be. I think I would like it because I know what it is and I'd love to see it. In some respects I'm with gene, it would be a step down, but in other regards I think it would be a step up (performance/fun) so overall I call it a step to the side. I think these will be a LOT more popular than our Cadenzas and K900s put together, but we will see.

Also, anyone else notice that the '17 Cadenzas are missing a ton of features until you get into an SXL? They moved around what all you can get and separated out different pieces into packages and some things just can't be had that I have in my '14 Premium with lux until you step up to the '17 SXL. I was looking at a Tech and noticed there was quite a bit of wood missing, predominantly (and most noticeably) on the steering wheel. Does a '17 SXL even have wood on the steering wheel? It seems like the '17s got cheated in a lot of ways, including power/performance and mileage, compounding everything you don't get until a fully loaded SXL. They still have a HUD though >.> LOL
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