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2017 Tech, my impression...test drive

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I was getting the oil changed and something else looked at while at the dealership, they had two 2017 Tech Cadenza's, so I had to see if the hype lives up. All in all I give it a B+, most definitely nicer then the 14 lux I drive, but to be honest, it really felt like the 8 speed transmission was bogging this motor down. at speed downshifts were not even remarkable, there was no angry pull...both in comfort and Sport mode, it just felt sluggish in every comparison. Don't get me wrong, it was still strong and could get up to speed, but I truly missed the angry pull.

All that said, the comfort and smoothness were nice, can't wait to see the Limited seats and heads up display. Radio was much better then the 14, actually had some bass, and played strong, but still, not the most mind numbing audio experience I've ever heard. I would put the Genesis's radio a cut above.

Anyway, that was my take. The only way I'd get into one is again used, this time limited only (17 tech is missing the sunshade in the back) and only when the warrantee runs out on the '14 which isn't for another 5 years of mileage best guess (bumper to bumper 10 year 100k). Even then, I'd have to seriously consider the Genesis, since it definitely pushes you back into the seat when you stomp on it at speed.
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This is kinda disappointing knowing the 2017 model doesn't feel as torque strong. I kinda figured 8 gears was just a tad too many. Even though it's not really a sports car, I still drive this thing plenty fast. Whipping around s curves and bends at 50-70 mph is okay. It is surprisingly fast when I manually shift from first gear WOT and actually makes the tires spin a lil when the traction control is off. Most of its power seems to be towards the top end and it kinda makes sense for a premium sedan to be a bit quieter. Coming from a college kid's ford focus to this feels like a true luxury.
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