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2016 kia cadenza on its way

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i work for kia in hawaii

i am waiting for my 2016 kia cadenza , i also already ordered the oem k7 wheel emblems , besides the emblem change the only thing i was planning on doing for now is some nice tint which is already in place to happen as soon as my car arrives, wondering about any customizations thoughts anyone might suggest, airbags possible, but what about performance ,,, exhaust maybe?? any way glad to be in the forum will be posting my stock photos soon so anyone can follow its progress :)
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Way to rub in your you're in HI >.> lol (I try to visit every few years and my earliest memories are from HI, I always say I'm Hawaiian at heart lol) We are trying to go back next year :)

So for the most part unless you feel like importing anything (pretty much all you can do anyways) we get our parts from The guys there are pretty good and will work with you. A few of the other guys around the site have used actual Korean dealers for certain things but that can get costly and be custom jobs. There really isn't a whole lot of modding to do with our cars, at least not that is supported in the U.S. our cars are fairly rare here.

Good luck, let us know if you have any questions.
thanks man i would like to create a new thread but honestly i cant figure it out , i have my 1000 watt amp and my 15 inch speaker my audio shop is going to make a custom box for me , but what i was wondering if anyone has put an aftermarket stereo this large before
I haven't heard of anyone installing anything so large in our cars yet. I think someone in the past like Jersey Jake (no longer active) may have done something but not so large. I'd love a bit of oomph but probably not that much ;) And if you just go up to the top and hover under the "Forums" menu you should find a place to start a new topic. Once you find where you want it to land just click create new post (or something similar).
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