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I have a 2016 Cadenza with 72,000 miles, has been great until the last few weeks. I noticed it starting to downshift hard at times when coming to a stop, when I say hard, it's like it's a manual transmission that can cause me to be pushed forward a bit. I also noticed that the speedometer was jumping around whenever it was downshifting hard. It started to do both in town and then on the interstate. When the speedometer would fluctuate on interstate, I could feel the transmission shift out of overdrive and the RPMs would increase a bit.

It became unpredictable to drive as there was no way to know when it would start acting erratic. It's had the input/output sensor and trans temp sensor replaced. It made no difference and started acting the same way after I got it back.

Has anyone dealt with this issue and been able to get it fixed? The dealers within 1-2 hours around me are all booked out at least 1 month to look at it, so I've taken it to a local repair shop that I trust. There are no codes, no check engine light.
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