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2015 Kia Cadenza Rear Window Rattle`

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Hey Guys!

So I have been having this rattle noise come from the rear window, I took it in thinking it was the third brake light because when you pressed on it the rattle would go away... Well that didn't work and now they have taken virtually everything out of the back seat, headliner, back seat, third brake light etc... So I get it back bc they think they fixed it again... Well we also though it might the sun visor that goes up and down, bc when they took it out it would rattle if you tapped it light, which mimics the noise we thought we were hearing when going over smaller bumps... Well long story short, I got it back and for a few days it was good but it came back... The only thing that stops the noise is when I press on the back window sitting in the back seat. Thought on what it could be or has anyone else had this issue? I currently have Gold Gyms Ankels weight wedge between the back deck and the window it seems to be doing the trick... Just FYI.

Thanks so much for your help!!!:D
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