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2014 New to me

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After totaling my 2012 Forte, I decided an upgrade was in order. In November 2016 I took ownership of my 2014 Cadenza (26,094 miles) and I love the vehicle.

I did have to have the hood adjusted, apparently there had been some body work done that hadn't shown up on CarFax, and the hood wouldn't close all the way. But my dealer - City Kia in Orlando, took good care of me and got it adjusted right.

Looking forward to reading and joining in on the conversations here!

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Welcome to the forum
If you search a subject on the forum, I'm sure you can find an answer.
Also don't be afraid to ask questions.
welcome; you will really like the car. so much to offer for the price; and good quality. good luck and enjoy.
Welcome. There is plenty of info here and a few people that can get even more in depth info if you may need it.
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