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Are you ready for the idea of a $40k Kia? You'd better be, because it's here—as an all-new sedan: the 2014 Cadenza.

Yes, the 2014 Kia Sorento can already stretch over the $40k mark, fully loaded; but it's the Cadenza that reaches beyond that, and really tests the brand's boundaries by expanding into a new part of the market: big sedans that some call 'near luxury'—cars that might not have a luxury badge, but be for all intents and purposes luxury cars.

Kia couldn't have picked a better name, either, we think. In music, it's the colorful, skilled solo that usually helps bookend a concerto. Likewise, Kia sure has had a run the past several years, pushing beyond the bland-basic, car-of-last-resort flavor of cars like the Sephia and Spectra and onto models fashion-forward, truly desirable models like the latest Optima and Forte. And—ahem--there was a predecessor to the Cadenza, just a few years ago: the arthritis-inducing Amanti.

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