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Kia has launched its marketing campaign for its 2014 Cadenza, attempting to break into the luxury market with its $35,100 sedan.

The first ad has launched, titled “Impossible to Ignore” which reflects back on how much the Korean automaker has changed over the years. It features fashion model Teresa Moore as she takes the new Cadenza to her 20-year high school reunion. The commercial essentially plays on how a certain someone may have been ignored in the past but now is truly “impossible to ignore.”

The 30-second spot hopes to give car buyers a reason to take a second look at Kia and features InFiction’s remix of “Let’s Dance,” originally by David Bowie.

“The Cadenza signals a new era for the Kia brand – it takes people by surprise when they see and experience all of the technology and premium amenities it has to offer, and the class reunion metaphor provides the perfect storytelling platform for a vehicle that that stands out from the competition and symbolizes a remarkable coming-of-age narrative,” said Michael Sprague, executive vice president, marketing & communications, KMA. ”‘Reunion’ reflects on just how far Kia has come in an extremely short period of time and speaks to our commitment to advancing value to new levels of sophistication.”

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