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2014 Cadenza in Vancouver, Canada

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Greetings from the rainy Pacific Northwest!

I'm Nick, and I just picked up a 2014 Cadenza Premium with 90,000kms on the clock. Took a very and several long hours of travelling to get to her and bring her home, but alas it was worth it! Planning on swapping out the badges and sills for K7 branding, and possibly looking into some of the LED upgrades (fog lights, rear reflectors). Noticed though that a lot of the suppliers are now gone - so if anyone has some tips, do let me know!

Here are a couple shots. For now, hello everyone and great to be here!
Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Wheel Tire
Sky Car Cloud Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle registration plate
Cloud Sky Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting
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Welcome! What a beauty. Definitely swap out those badges for newer ones, it will make the car look even nicer.
I believe is still around, although I haven't shopped on there in many years. Maybe give them a call before buying anything.
Unfortunately this forum is kind of dead and riddled with spam, but people do come back from time to time like myself.
Nick, do you mind if I ask how much you paid? I have a 2014 Cadenza Premium in Toronto with 91000 Km. Still very happy!
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