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2014 Cadenza Engine Rattle on Startup

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I'm having a problem with engine rattle on cold or semi-cold startup. The rattle lasts anywhere from 1 to 3 seconds. Car was at dealership for a week and they replace all 4 CVVT hubs, both timing chain tensioners and the 2 chain guides. It's better but still sounds like metal on metal for the first second. Anyone else working on or has had this problem?:nerd
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I've got that too. Debating if it's worth taking it in. I know it's because the oil is settling in the pan and not on the lifters but it sounds terrible. And it seems like it's getting worse.
ive been saying this for years now... GDI pumps have a nasty rattle when cold because they aren't primed when started... this is why the rattle goes away. It's annoying as crap but once the pumps are primed, they are quiet.
Update - When this problem first started, it was only on cold engine (4+ hours sitting). After the dealer working on the car, it is happening with only an hour or so of sitting. Waiting to hear from Kia on what's next.
My 2014 has had the rattle at start up when cold….Kia says its "normal"..Sounds absolutely terrible…Now it does it after sitting for only 30 minutes..and it lasts twice as long as when it started. Mine doesn't sound internal though…We are taking it back in again soon (3rd time)..If they don't find something loose and its internal then this sucker will be getting turned in when the lease is up and I will get another brand..We love the car otherwise but the sound is so bad..No new vehicle should make this noise let alone one promoted as a luxury vehicle..If my 66 VW made this noise I would be panicking…It is not normal…and if they want to say it is then lets all record our "normal" engine rattle sounds and youtube those suckers..future potential buyers need to understand that the nice quiet Cadenza they are test driving will be short lived..I hate the "Oh my gosh" stares when I fire my luxury car up..not the kind of attention I want..sure makes a guy feel like he bought the wrong car.
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I had 2 cadenza's got rid of one partly because of the rattle at startup, Then started to run really rough at startup for about 15 to 20 seconds. wife hated it. Purchase a K900, for her I think, with V8 it is direct injection and don't hear any of that rattle. Saw a Canadian K900 with the V6 3.8 and that didn't have a rattle either.
Yes like beeswax says it is normal for this car
Yep; me too. I didn't notice much at first but now notice it after it sits for at least 4 hours or more.

I don't think you can compare the same situation with the 3.8 or V8 as those engines are not transverse mounted FWD (like 3.3) and are very different engines from the 3.3 V6 in Cadenza, Sorrento, Sedona, and Hyundai Santa Fe and Azera.

The 3.3 is so widely used and has such a good reliability reputation that I'm not worried about it. My BMW 740i did something very similar and I kept it to 125k miles with no issues (on the engine that is).

I'll just keep an "ear" on it for now.
BTW; at 13,400 miles now running with full synthetic oil.

After my car spending several weeks at the dealership, the factory technician was brought in to replace the timing chain tensioners. This got rid of the problem for a couple thousand miles but it has come back. Not sure whether to continue down this road on fixing a problem that keeps coming back. The engine performance is still great and the miles per gallon are still around 28-30 on the freeway at 75 mph.
I love my 2014 Cadenza SX-L. It's been by FAR the best car I've ever driven, and I wasn't expecting the amounts of compliments I get from Cadillac, Lexus, Infiniti owners! I've definitely strengthened my brand advocacy for Kia/Hyundai. (Previous: 2009 Hyundai Sonata Limited 3.3L VVT V6)

ON THAT NOTE: This **** rattle for a second or two on startup was getting the best of me. It was embarrassing, as you would probably know. Especially when your coworker with a 2011 Ford Fusion starts pointing and laughing. I just turned over to 12k miles last week.

2 weekends ago, I had about 550-mile round trip, driving 70-80mph on interstate. BEFORE I departed, I topped off the tank with 91-octane (already had about half-tank of 87-89, 10% ethanol gas), AND the Kia-recommended Techron treatment. I had already treated the tank with Techron that I purchased from my Kia dealership about 6k miles ago. The mistake that time was that Kia only had the smaller bottle on hand, that "treats up to 13 gallons" or whatever. This time, I went to Mills Fleet Farm and got the larger Techron bottle for about $14 that "treats up to 20 gallons". This was only about $1 more than what Kia charged me for the small bottle, and considering the tank is over 18-gal, it just made more sense.

Anyway, I am on my 3rd fill-up since this trip and Techron/high-octane fuel shock. I use regular gas, usually from the same local station. My Cadenza sounds like it should! Absolutely no rattle like before. It makes me happy hearing the nice whirr from a normal, healthy premium sedan V6 engine.

I am no mechanic by any means, and I have absolutely no idea if this in fact is the exact fix I needed. But it worked. If it's just a crazy coincidence, I'll just roll with it! But I did nothing else that would have gotten rid of the rattle.

Another note: It has since also gotten colder in the mornings here in Fargo, ND - and there is still no sign of any rattle like before, even on 40-degree early mornings.

Hopefully if you attempt something similar, it will work!


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Was ready to pull the trigger on a used 2014 Cadenza purchase today, but noticed the cold idle seemed rough and a bit noisy. I took it to a Kia dealer to have it inspected and they said that the noisy idle meant the car needed the timing chain, guides and tensioners replaced for a total of $1,750. This car was just out of warranty by a few thousand miles so the original owner could have fixed it under warranty.

Now after reading this thread I wonder if this wasn't an issue after all. If this is normal for this engine I'll go back and buy the car.
Just found the TSB on this problem. I guess if Hyundai updated the parts and issued a TSB it is a problem that should be fixed after all.
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Yes is was a (mild) defect from manufacture and should be fixed under a warranty repair as a TSB was issued on it. If they are wanting you to pay I'd call the Preferred line.
Just be aware that parts are scarce right now. The preferred line called to let me know the dealership finally got the parts in. My baby has been there since January 19th.......
I left my 2014 Cadenza at the local Kia dealership last night so that they could do a cold start on it this morning and evaluate the applicability of TSB 148. I picked up the car this morning and the dealer has ordered the parts to perform the Service Bulletin. They suspect the parts will arrive in 2 days. Once the parts are in, I'll take the car back for the work to be done. Mileage on my Cadenza is 36,500.
What is the problem and fix? Where do I fond the TSB?
What is the problem and fix? Where do I fond the TSB?
The "Search" box on the upper right revealed this & others

I searched for TSB 148
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