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Please have a look:

2013~ Kia K7 Cadenza exLED LED DRL 2 Way Upgrade Module

I'm thinking that this is only for the headlights on the Korean version, which already has lights in that location. My headlights are just plastic in that location, so I'm wondering if if those would even work or if I'd have to drill holes for the leds. The website has not returned my emails. Thanks all.

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This is an upgrade module, and only comes with the leds and the driver board. It's missing the reflector, diffused lens, and heatsink.

You'll also notice that is has 6 leds. The black plastic piece that's in the us headlight has 5 spots. If you did try to just drill holes, the critical piece missing is the heatsink. Without that, those leds will probably die quickly.

Here's a pic of the KDM DRL I took apart that shows it better

And for my feeble attempt at building my own DRL module:

Wish we had more options, Kia really cheaped out excluding the DRLs from the US market.
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