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I hardwired a dashcam next to the mirror. I ended up running the wire along the top of the windshield (tucked in nicely under the headliner), then down the A pillar (wire wedged in nicely there, out of site). About halfway down the A-pillar is a seam that I used to route the wire to the opposite side of the A-pillar (out of site). I was then able to open the panel on the dash (panel next to the door) to route the wire below the dash, where I wired it into the fuse box there. I used a piggyback fuse connector to provide the feed - I used the same fuse that powers the USB and cigarette lighter in the front.

There are some empty fuse slots under the dash, but I discovered that these are constantly powered (stay hot all the time), which is why I piggybacked to the cigarette lighter that only powers when ACC is on.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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