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@foldman - there is a 12volt ground readily available on the harness going to the mirror. You can find it by removing the Torx screw holding the mirror on it's bracket. I wanna say it's a T-10 or maybe T-15 I can't remember. Once you have the mirror down there is a two piece telescoping black plastic arm that covers the harness ( against the windshield ), that pops right off the harness is under it. There is a tab on the top of the harness depress the tab and slide out the plug. You can use a MIRROR TAP - I recommend this they run $10 to $15 bucks. I highly recommend blendmount on eBay on e-bay - GREAT SELLER. The ones he sells are more high end. They have gold plated pin taps you can simply push them into the back of the molex plug once you locate the correct pins in the plug. Then it simply comes out the other side as the power jack into the radar unit. To find the ground use a volt ohm meter set it to continuity - it should beep when you touch the probes to eachother. touch one to something you know is a ground, I opened the drivers door and used the metal door catch it worked perfect. touch the back of each wire, each one that beeps is a ground. Then to get the 12v switched , set the volt ohm meter to VDC put the black probe on the groud wire you found ( you can use safety pin or something if you want - it's easier to get in there, start touching each one of the other pins when you see 12V or close you've found it. You may want to turn off the car just to check that it turns off. If memory servers me correct I want to say the pins are both on the top row, I believe the ground is near the middle and the 12v switched is near the top right of the plug. I hope this helps if not message me,,, and also if you get a mirror tap from Blend mount he will send you instructions and some extra goodies.
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