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1000 watt with 15" dd subwoofer

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Has anyone installed something this large in there cadenza before? i mostly worried about using the stock head unit and not loosing any of my gadgets (bluetooth voice command ETC...)
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Different strokes for different folks. Lol I've got a Massive Audio 10" dual 4 ohm voice coil sub in a 1 cu. ft. sealed box. I'm using a Kicker 800 watt (rms) to push it. I've got the sub wired so it's a 2 ohm load on the amp which is actually about 600 watts. Could be a little more as the amp birthsheeted at 888 watts rms. No dimming lights for me either. I still need use of my trunk, that's why I went with a 10" in a smallish box. I would recommend going with a quality LOC (NVX has a good one) so that you won't deal with bad 6 rolloff as you crank the volume up. I am currently running mine off the Scosche LOC and it's noticable. I'll post an update after I install the NVX LOC.
What do you think about Audio Control's LC2i LOC? ... vs NVX?
They both pretty much do the same, but the NVX unit costs a little less.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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