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1000 watt with 15" dd subwoofer

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Has anyone installed something this large in there cadenza before? i mostly worried about using the stock head unit and not loosing any of my gadgets (bluetooth voice command ETC...)
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I've got 600w into a single 4ohm DVC 12" sub, wired down to 2 ohms. JL Audio Class D amp, and Rockford Fosgate sub. Never a diming light, never a problem. If you get a quality brand 1000 watts and nothing else hooked up, you shouldn't have any power issues. I still have full control of the stereo with the stock controls. However I added a gain nob for the sub so I could turn it up and down from the front seat. I like that they now use RJ11 (phone jack) cord to connect those...if a cord get's damaged you don't have to get a new nob..
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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