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1 Week Into My New Cadenza!

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Hi Guys, as the title says I'm one week into my new 2015 Cadenza Premium with Luxury package which I'm loving, upgraded from my previous 2011 Kia Optima which I also loved. My only complaint so far is the bluetooth. I seem to be getting static through the speakers when I play anything through my phone, if I use an auxiliary cable it goes away but I lose the functionality of switching the song and everything. A search around the forum showed a couple threads regarding a similar issue but they are over a year old and I didn't see much of a resolution. Just wondering if anyone has run into this recently or if there was a resolution to the previous posts?
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Thanks for the responses guys, I'm unfortunately an android user so the usb has no real function for me that I'm aware of. I didn't have any issues with my optima using Bluetooth and with the nicer system in these cars Im hoping I can get it resolved. I never considered myself that picky of a sound person but I think because the sound is quite clear and crisp the static / fuzz at the certain frequencies is that much more noticeable. My maps software is out of date however so I'll be contacting the dealer to see if I can get it updated and if it makes any difference.
I've tried it with my phone which is an HTC M8 and a Samsung galaxy S6 edge with the same results. I'm at the dealership now who's taking a look at it but they said there weren't any map updates (even though online I definitely have a lower map version) and they said the update shouldn't affect the Bluetooth. We'll see.
2 1/2 hours later no solution, they wouldn't acknowledge that there was a map update for the car, and while the technician acknowledged some sound issues he blamed it on the quality of the music itself which I disagree with since the same song played through the aux cable vs Bluetooth sounds different. They supposedly updated something but the version numbers on the system are the same as before I went in. Kia customer service acknowledged that there was a map update for the car but didn't agree with me that even though I just bought the car brand knew that I shouldn't have to pay for the update so now I guess it's wether or not I want to fork over the 180 bucks myself to see if it fixes the problem.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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