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  1. New 2014 Kia Cadenza Videos
    Did a muffler delete on my 2017 Cadenza loving it so far. Wanted a little more sound from this beauty and I got it.
  2. Electronics
    The Surround View on my 2017 Cadenza SXL occasionally shows an error on screen. I’ve taken it to the dealership 4x and eventually they replaced the whole passenger mirror assembly. The issue returned a short while later, so clearly it’s not a camera fault. Any ideas what it could be?
  3. Electronics
    Hi everyone so I have a 2017 kia cadenza and my rain sensing wipers never detect rain i have then in the auto under the mist option and it does do the active wipe showing that im in sensing mode but it hasn't wiped once for me when it rains I've even tried pouring water on the sender to activate...
  4. How-To Forum
    Hi everyone, has anyone tried too remove the driver & passenger red door lights i have no idea how to get to the bulb?
  5. Appearance and Body
    Does anyone know if you can put a 2018 genesis g80 steering wheel in a 2017 kia cadenza tech? They look to be the same button layout i think the g80 is a smaller steering wheel though.
1-5 of 5 Results