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Injector service and Transmission flush

I had my 2016 Cadenza in for its 30,000 KLM 3 year inspection which the cost is covered by Kia . Having said that the service advisor recommended that I get : 1) an injector cleaning costing +- $200.0 and a Transmission flush costing about +-$125.00 . I declined both "offers" and was wondering with only 19,000 miles ( Imperial for my American friends) do I need them and is the price fair ? I appreciate your feedback because my knowledge of how cars work one could fit on the head of a needle
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My original dealer did the transmission flush at 48000km, cost was C$162. my expectation is these tasks are revenue functions not maintenance functions!!!

My old dealer said I needed new front brake pads(3mm left) and rotors (C$900) at that point as well AND that my DRUM BRAKES on the back should be lubed ..... but the rear are also discs!! I didn't bite. Next appt. they also said I needed my brake fluid and coolant replaced ....

When I went back a year and a half later (63K km) the pads still had 3mm left. I did have the pads replaced in Florida, for C$300 with rotors turned.

I have heard from reliable sources that dealers make most of their revenue with these 'required' tasks.
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Thanks for your input I also was given the "brake pad 3mm left I don't believe in coincidences that my brakes also had 3MM left allthough they said it could wait until next service at around $500 for the pads and they required special order .He did not quote labour charges as I didn't give him a chance. I suspect if I needed them I would price it at a number of brake shops in Vancouver.
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I had over 50000 miles on my 2014 and with around 6-7mm left on the pads i went ahead and had the brakes relined and rotors turned anyway. It felt a lot better to stop after, also did the brake fluid flush a month or 2 later...that made a a huge difference with compression softness on the pedal. What I'm getting at is, with only 20k miles on the car, you should have a lot more meat on the pads. I'd check that myself, and then if it's BS, call the dealership and straighten them out. I have no quam calling out a lair when it comes to defrauding me out of money.

Also, trans fluid flush is at 50-60k if I recall. they also recommend a drain and fill, not an actual flush. Being that this car has a 100k powertrain coverage, just get it done within interval. I had mine done around 45k if i recall, again, i like to get things done early . but with under 20k on the clock, that dealership is recommending work that is likely unnecessary. I'd call them out on that too.
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I replaced my own brake pads around 40k-42k I believe. I did it in November last year so maybe a bit less than that. I'm not really hard on my brakes but my dealer told me I was at 5mm I believe. I'm not a big gearhead or anything but I wanted to change my own to save a lot of money, my buddy came over and showed me and we got it done in about 30 mins. My front pads were worn down quite a bit so I believe my dealer. They told me it could wait a while longer but they were letting me know they were "in the yellow".

Do note that the rear brake pads on our cars don't wear anywhere near as much as our front pads. Your rear pads can easily be changed every 2 or 3 front changes under normal braking conditions. Our cars are very front brake heavy. I never did the filing down of my rotors as I don't really see a point to it. It's still relatively shiny but there's not much of a difference to be had performance wise as far as I am aware, YMMV. I suggest to everyone who isn't absolutely inept and can lift their wheel to look into changing our their own brake pads, it's super easy and you'll save $100+ possibly.

I'm at 48Kmi right now and as far as I know we've not done anything with my transmission fluid. They may have with my 45Kmi service or so, I don't know. It was a bit more expensive than normal. I go to my dealer BECAUSE I felt they were honesty, certainly more-so than the one closer to me, I wouldn't even buy my car there.

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