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UVO system

So has anyone had this issue, bought the car used, gotta say i love the way it drives handles, everything. So i started noticing about a month ago that it takes really long time for my screen to come on to show the temp, radio ect. So i called Kia. They said take it to the dealer. Get there they take all of 15min to tell me you need a new radio. Iím like what? Iíve only had the car for a few months. Service guy like yeah call who you bout it from they may help but a new unit will be $700. Iím like s***. Like Iím not looking forward to this type of expense for this car. My question has anyone had this issue and found a fix that may help. Thanks either way
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My head unit locked up a couple times, and both times it was some Korean error message. Turning off the car several times before it finally went back to normal. Had the car only a few months, it wasn't even a year old (i'm second owner). And they said the same thing at the dealership, needed a new head unit. was under warranty so no sweat for me, but for you, could be an issue.

Another thing though, the updated map did change the way the confirmation message would display. The one that tells you to drive save, don't be distracted, actually I don't have any Idea what it says, I've never read it. But it asks you to confirm before continuing at every startup, and you have to do that for the message to go away. Anyway, the map update for mine actually gave that a brief timeout, so it goes away after like 10 seconds without having to do anything. So that said, if you have an old map, and you still have to push the screen to get it past that point, you could try updating the map memory card see if that solves your problems.
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Kia really screwed us in terms of our radio. You can't easily replace it when it goes bad... It also doesn't help that this car wasn't real popular in sales, so aftermarket companies don't even bother trying to make something for our car. If you really have to buy a new radio, it would probably be cheaper to try an aftermarket radio... find a shop that will work with you to make sure you keep as much functionality of the car as possible.
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I also wish there were a lot more sales of these cars for the fact that there would be many more copies of the most recent map software we could all share instead of paying hundreds of dollars for something that Android Auto and Apple CarPlay take care of PERMANENTLY if Kia had been on the ball to begin with!!!

Sorry to vent but lack of attention to technology in any recent years is ludicris!

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Have you tried resetting the radio? That may help. There's a small detente button on the unit, I think near the CD port? It's small, a paperclip should do it. Try that and see if it helps at all. A map update MAY help as it has software/firmware updates in it. While it is cheaper than a new head unit it's not guaranteed to work (neither is the whole head unit I guess...). If you want to try the new map route I'd say wait for black Friday/Christmas time as I think they usually have a sale going on around there, if you can wait that long.

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